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Fall 2022 Consulting Teams

The Backpack Project Inc. 

The team assessed current suppliers used, prepared a variety of options for more sustainable wholesalers, calculated carbon emissions for each option, and provided insight into survey questions in order to obtain more need-based data in the future


  • Luke Courts

  • Samantha Hill

  • Iti Jain

  • Tybet New

  • Sean Riner

Paloma Park

The Paloma Park team assisted the local Athens restaurant with researching technologies that save money through energy and water conservation and conducting a cost-benefit analysis on them, designing sustainable garden landscapes for the outside patio, and installed trash and recycling stations with informative signage.


  • Belen Gad

  • Cameron Hand

  • Neal Ostrowski

  • Margaret Xiao

SWAKE Cosmetics

​Our SWAKE cosmetics team worked on finding alternative sustainable packaging options, developing waste reduction website marketing strategies, and researching cosmetic sachet substitutes.


  • Arushi Charu

  • Batul Chitalwala

  • Garrett Darnell

  • Sophia Konen

  • Kathy Nguyen

  • Kye Young Park

  • Peter Troiano

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