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Our Purpose

Sustainable Business Society is a student-led club with the mission of equipping members with tools to analyze and better understand the intersection between business and sustainability. Members will develop a deeper understanding of how businesses can thrive using the triple bottom line (people, profit, and planet) through speakers and the chance to work with local Athens businesses. 

Club Highlights

Student Consulting Projects

Our sustainability consulting teams are designed to give undergraduates experience in corporate sustainability, while helping local Athens businesses to become more environmentally friendly. We help businesses by tackling objectives related to waste reduction, energy-friendly technology implementation, supply chain emissions, and sustainable marketing.

See our impact with previous clients!


*Stay tuned for information on our Spring 2024 consulting projects applications!

Guest Speaker Series

Our guest speaker series is held in each fall semester to educate students on the multitude of ways sustainability is applied in the professional world. We host experts from a wide variety of of fields to discuss the extent of the sustainability conversation in their jobs, the paths they've taken, and any advise for students. It is a great networking opportunity, as many students use these connections for job and internship opportunities.


Professional Development Workshops

Also hosted in each the fall semester, the professional development resources in SBS range from base level sustainability education, open socratic discussions on current issues, tips on the sustainability job search, and more!

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If you have any questions about joining Sustainable Business Society or if you are a company looking to be considered for a client engagement team, please fill out this form!

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