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2023-2024 Executive Board


Sam Dilley


    My interest in sustainable business began when I learned about the significant effects of companies on the environment and discovered I could pursue a career that makes a difference. A multitude of threats are facing our planet, including decreased habitat space, natural resource exploitation, and global warming. Companies have the ability to influence large-scale change through corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives such as emissions reductions, employee volunteering, and responsible sourcing. I hope to combine economic success with social and environmental objectives to create a more equitable future.
Ecology and Economics Majors, Sustainability and Personal & Organizational Leadership Certificates

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Campbell Durdin

VP of External Affairs

    My interest in sustainability is rooted in my hope to help change the mindset that the prosperity of people, the planet, and profit are mutually exclusive. After attending just a few SBS meetings during my first year, I realized that the intersection between business and sustainability drives innovation and collaboration unlike anything else. By bringing sustainability to the forefront of the business world, large corporations can lead transformative sustainability initiatives rather than serve as the driving forces of climate change, resource exploitation, and other threats to our planet.

Management Information Systems Major

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Jared Deatrick

Co-VP of Consulting

    I am a current senior studying finance and economics. I started to gain interest in sustainability by studying how climate change affects endemic species worldwide. Concerning business, I think now is a great time to be passionate about sustainability because bottom line and sustainability are often correlated, and investors and corporations are noticing increasingly. In SBS this year I want to learn more about how businesses are becoming more sustainable while not compromising their bottom line.

Finance and Economics Majors


Ashleigh Gordon

Co-VP of Consulting

My first meaningful experience with sustainability was in high school when I took AP Environmental Science, which immediately got me hooked on the concept of working towards a more sustainable future. I wanted to get involved on campus in any way I could to begin my journey of making meaningful change. The intersection between business and the environment quickly became of interest to me as I believe all businesses have a duty to operate in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is truly diverse as it applies to all aspects of life and anyone can find their niche in it. We all have a responsibility in the sustainability movement and I am excited to be a part of it! 


Environmental Economics and Management Major- with a Sustainability Certificate 

Esha Bhat


I am a current sophomore studying finance and international business. I am super interested in sustainability because of how many aspects and effects certain sustainable measures can have: for instance, even within nonrenewable resources there are up and coming mechanisms within certain raw minerals necessary to create electric cars like Teslas and even within smartphones. Having the ability to help a company by adding a sustainable measure to their business is so exciting for this exact reason - you can see the changes right in front of you and it is such an important industry as of now, as technology continues to increase and the need for renewable resources drastically increases.


Finance and International Business Majors


Sam Hill

VP of Marketing

My passion for sustainability began in my senior year of high school when I did a capstone research project on the fast fashion industry. It was through my research that I realized the extent of pollution and unethical practices that are common in the majority of popular corporations. I have always had a love for the outdoors and for caring for others, so it is my goal to work within the corporate world to promote change across these harmful industries. I see business and sustainability not as opposites, but as holding innovative potential for solutions to the environmental and societal problems we currently face. 

Marketing Major, Fashion Merchandising Minor ,& Sustainability Certificate

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