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2022-2023 Executive Board



Growing up in Southern California, I’ve experienced firsthand the effects of climate change, such as extreme droughts and wildfires. From my own experiences, as well as learning how climate change has affected people all over the world in various ways, I have become passionate about learning how to take action to protect our planet. Going into the corporate world post-grad, it is important to me that I understand how businesses can thrive economically while preserving the well-being of society and the planet.

Management Information Systems Major, Communication Studies Minor, 

Sustainability Certificate


VP of External Affairs (Client Focused) 

To me, sustainability is a concept that helps to support our planet, our communities, and ourselves. With so much emphasis on government actions and conscious consumerism already, focus lacks on corporate responsibility. Being a part of an organization like SBS allows me to help local organizations have a better impact on the environment, encouraging companies to play a part in the bigger issue of environmental conservation.

Ecology and Economics Majors, Sustainability Certificate


VP of External Affairs (Speaker Focused) 

I’m interested in sustainability now more than ever because it is very prevalent in society. There is a need for businesses to adopt and continually forward themselves towards sustainable practices, and I think Sustainable Business Society has the students and the city in Athens to provide that. I also have always been passionate about the environment and joined SBS in hopes of allowing me to experience sustainability consulting before pursuing it later in my career.

Finance and Economics Majors, Personal & Organizational Leadership Certificate


VP of Internal Affairs

I believe sustainability is one of the most important ways we can take care of ourselves and each other.

I want to educate others on how sustainability can be incorporated into everyone's lives. I am involved in SBS to learn more about how businesses can utilize a triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. 


Biological Sciences and Avian Biology Majors, Environmental Health Science Minor, Pre-veterinary track



I am a current sophomore studying finance and international business. I am super interested in sustainability because of how many aspects and effects certain sustainable measures can have: for instance, even within nonrenewable resources there are up and coming mechanisms within certain raw minerals necessary to create electric cars like Teslas and even within smartphones. Having the ability to help a company by adding a sustainable measure to their business is so exciting for this exact reason - you can see the changes right in front of you and it is such an important industry as of now, as technology continues to increase and the need for renewable resources drastically increases.


Finance and International Business Majors

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